Australian Renewable Fuels

Australian Renewable Fuels Limited (ARF) is an Australian company currently producing biodiesel at two plants - one in Adelaide, South Australia and another in Picton, Western Australia. ARF has been in operation since 2005 and produces biodiesel meeting the strictest biodiesel standards worldwide.

The development of commercial scale renewable fuels production plants marks an exciting new stage in the growth of use of alternative fuels in Australia.

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Biodiesel made from Tallow


Biodiesel is a clean-burning diesel fuel produced from renewable resources such as animal fats and vegetable oils. It does not contain petroleum, though performs similarly to fossil diesel, but with improved emissions performance. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Current biodiesel use in Australia typically features blends with mineral diesel, at proportions of 5% (B5) or 20% (B20). However, it may be used as a blend in any proportion with petroleum diesel.

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