With worldwide production of biodiesel sitting at more than 25 billion litres per annum, ARfuels currently holds the capacity to commercially produce 150 million litres per annum collectively across its Barnawartha, Adelaide and Picton facilities.

Plant Operation

All production facilities are capable of running at design capacity with satisfactory mechanical reliability, using a range of feedstocks such as tallow, vegetable oils and used cooking oils.

Company personnel have further optimised and developed the Energea process that now produces excellent conversion yield and eliminates environmental discharges. The combination of extensive research and development and the expertise and passion of ARfuels personnel ensures continuous improvement and ultimately preserves ARfuels position amongst the most efficient producers in the industry.


Fundamental to the success of ARfuels is securing cost effective and sustainable feedstock that is able to meet conversion specifications. A further concern is to ensure that feedstock supplies do not interfere with the world's food supply chain. In addressing this, ARfuels enters into, and continues to evaluate, strategic supply chain alliances.

Alternative sources of raw material

Whilst ARfuels currently utilises a range of feedstocks such as tallow, vegetable oils and used cooking oils, they continue to investigate new sources of supply. On an ongoing basis, ARfuels funds and supports research into a variety of oilseeds, vegetable oils, algae and various other potential feedstocks.

Biodiesel sales

ARfuels sells wholesale biodiesel into the Australian market to wholesale and retail fuel distributors, mine operators and rail and road transport operations, and other major diesel consumers.

Quality control

ARfuels’ strong commitment to ensuring the highest standard of quality control is supported by the services of one of the world's most respected petroleum and related products quality assurance companies, ASG Analytik.

Well known among European motor fuel producers, automobile manufacturers and allied organisations, ASG Analytik is accredited for its expertise in the analysis of diesel fuels, heating oil, biodiesel and vegetable oil fats.

All biodiesel supplied by ARfuels complies with the Australian Biofuel Standard.

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