Creating a sustainable future with Biodiesel

Australian Renewable Fuels Limited is Australia's only national biodiesel company with plants in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia. Operating since 2005, ARfuels' three plants have a combined annual fuel production capacity of 150 million litres. Our production of biodiesel meets the strictest biodiesel standards worldwide.

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Biodiesel is an alternative clean-burning diesel fuel that comes from 100% renewable resources. Biodegrading four times faster then petroleum-based diesel and without producing the same high emissions...

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Latest Industry News

Cleaner Fuels Grant Scheme Extended

The Biofuels Association of Australia today congratulated all sides of the Australian parliament for working together to ensure the passage of the four Alternative Fuels Bills....

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Environmental Benefits

The use of biodiesel can play a significant role in reducing many air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in our environment, particularly in urban areas. By heavily reducing the abundance of environmentally detrimental tailpipe emissions produced by petroleum diesel, biodiesel is a significant factor in improving air quality and consequently decreasing related public health risks.

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