Australian Renewable Fuels (ARW) 0.8c

03 July 2013
Published in The Australian

OK, the bulls aren´t running on this one yet, but things are falling in place in the biodiesel producer´s quest to become a reliable revenue generator.

As one broker observes, the company doesn´t promote itself and at less than 1c the shares are overlooked by even the microcap specialists.

In the last two weeks, ARW has confirmed an 11 million-litre export program to the US and settled at $3.9m insurance claim stemming from a fire at its Adelaide plant.

For the first time, all of ARW’s three plants – at Largs Bay, Picton (WA) and near Albury (NSW) – are working as they should be.

The lowly share price in part reflects the 4.5 billion shares in issue, which points to the urgent need for a consolidation.

We had ARW as a spec buy at 0.7c on May 10. If our mail’s right, this leopard has changed its spots and only the smart money (such as 15 per cent holder Thorney Investments), has noticed. If it isn’t please mark “return to sender”.

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