Australian Renewable Fuels releases quarterly report

30 January 2011
Published in Wotnews

Appendix 4C report for entities admitted on the basis of commitments Rule 4.7B Appendices 4C 31 January 2011 The company is pleased to submit the 4C Appendices for the month and quarter ended December 2010. During the last six months, substantial progress has been made with regard to the development of the feed stock logistics for the plants, specifically with regard to the imported product for the Picton (and other) plants. The main component of the operating costs during the period has been the growth in the feed stock inventory lines, given that the company pays in advance for most of the same.

Recent sharp increases in feed stock prices (such as the standard tallow products) can be noted in the increased cost of operations, although the margins for the business have been retained due to the parallel increase in the oil (and hence diesel) prices as reflected in TGP. All costs associated with the conversion of the Picton plant to the new feed stock have been included in the costs to date, and the company is confident of being able to maintain the product introduction schedule as outlined in prior announcements. Tom Engelsman CEO Australian Renewable Fuels Limited.