Using Biodiesel

Using Biodiesel

Biodiesel shares the same storage and handling procedures as petroleum diesel and functions in the engine in the same way. Although by running conventional diesel engines using biodiesel, toxic emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulate matters are considerably reduced.

Biodiesel made to specification can be used in existing, unmodified engines and fuel injection equipment with little impact on operating performance, supplying the same horsepower, torque, fuel consumption and haulage rates.

Why use biodiesel?

  • Carbon neutral
  • Significantly lower emissions
  • Tax/excise benefits for certain customers
  • Extend engine life - Biodiesel has been proven to work efficiently with new technologies such as catalysts, particulate traps and exhaust gas recirculation
  • Pricing Pricing is the same as regular low sulphur diesel
  • Easy to use Biodiesel is totally miscible with diesel at any blending ratio
  • Flexible Biodiesel is easy to phase in and out, so you can maintain flexibility in technology deployment
  • Pollution spill Biodiesel is non-toxic and degrades approximately four times faster than diesel
  • Social benefits Biodiesel replaces imported fuel with local produced product, leading to local employment, benefiting the domestic economy

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